Q & A

Name: Crim Collective

Based In: The University of Huddersfield

About yourself and your practice: Crim Collective founded in 2006 by Senior Lecturer Paul Heys and Jeffrey Bowman. Crim is a University based group of designers and illustrators leading national and international projects. The collective has a focus on pedagogy; in particular developing an academic and industry integrated experience, highlighting innovative learning techniques in an attempt to challenge the way art and design related subjects are taught. It offers a series of non-assessable workshop experiences and together with noted industry-led practitioners encourages a greater understanding of the individual and collective practice.

When did it click: When we were asked to be a part of Pictoplasma's character walk in Berlin:

How do you have your tea: Replaced with beer or whiskey.

One piece of advice you have been given: Be the person your dog thinks you are.

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Photos by Crim Collective & TXLW