Q & A

Name: himHallows

Based In: The East 'Coats, Manchester

About yourself and your practice: I'm an artist who mainly works in hand-drawn illustrations and posters. To colour my work, I photocopy the image to acetate and paint the reverse, just like old-fashioned cell animation techniques. It's time consuming, but gives a satisfying end result. I keep being told this would be easier with a computer. I'm too stubborn to say this is probably true.

When did it click: My work practise clicked 4 years ago when I discovered painting acetate whilst working on my first colour poster job (for Amplifier, one of my favourite bands). From a design and style point of view, it's still clicking. I'm keen to make sure my style is pushed as far as I can take it. I'm hoping that's a long way off.

How do you have your tea: Milk, 1/2 a sugar. Or if it's not too cheeky, can I have a coffee instead? Cheers!

One piece of advice you have been given: Don't under-sell yourself (This is something I'm learning not to do every day still).

Inspiration for the project: The Gemini/Apollo lunar missions and a lot of science-fiction from the 1980's.

For more beautiful work please Click Here!

Photos taken by TXLW