Q & A

Name: Laurie Pink

Based In: Manchester.

About yourself & your practice: I am an illustrator based in Manchester, currently doing a lot of drawing on my mac, via graphics tablet & photoshop, and paper, because you can't beat a good pencil draw and biro draw. Other art-creating methods include painting on canvas, producing hand-made necklaces with Shrinkles (google it - great fun!), badges, tee & poster design.
Also planning to One Day Do A Comic, also failing to keep my website updated. In my spare time I mostly still do drawing work, or skating with Manchester Roller Derby's awesome Checker Broads team.

When did it click: Ha! I like the assumption that it has!
When I realised you can get away with drawing an oval with six sticks in it & call it a bee, so long as you remember the stripes (key recogniseble aspect of a bee), and get a happy feeling making the lines work. Don't diss the oval stick-legged bee.

That and the acceptance that I will probably always feel the need put speech bubbles on everything.

How do you have your tea: More brown than milky, no sugar. Big into Red Bush tea at the moment.

One piece of advice you have been given: My mum once told me never to eat fish that are bottom feeders, because they spend their days eating other fish's poo.

Inspiration for the project: Initially the size of the space I was given, the materials I was using, and where the piece would be. As I'd not spray painted for aaaages, I opted to go for characters & shapes I was familiar with, so as not to get caught up trying to do something complicated that could go horribly wrong & stop being fun. I wanted the piece to make people smile when they looked at it on the way in and out of the town centre, and also be a pleasing distraction for any Fred Aldous staff having a contemplative stare out of the window on a slow day. Something eye-catching and friendly that worked at a quick cheerful glance & might be nice to have your picture taken in front of. I used colours I like, swirls & clouds and my two favourite monsters. Finding the mega shiny gold paint for the starts and moon details made my day.

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