Q & A

Name: eight bit

Based In: Midlands, UK

About yourself and your practice: I mostly work with ink & paper but appreciate new methods and experiences and have tried my hand at everything from live painting, comics, tattoo and design to murals, stage backdrops & set design.

When did it click: I'm not sure about clicking, I've been drawing my whole life and stopping has never been an option. There's still much to be done.

How do you have your tea: infrequently, tea is my champagne. But when there's an occasion worth celebrating I have english breakfast, skinny, no sugar.

One piece of advice you have been given: A very wise person once said "Pugs, not drugs." I'm not really sure how that applies to me but a friend has a print on his studio wall that says "work hard & be nice to people". That's pretty good advice.

Inspiration for the project: Its an interpretation of characters from one of my favourite children's novels, The Neverending Story.

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