Q & A

Name: Julian Kimmings

Based In : United Kingdom

About yourself and your practice:
"Influenced by ancient folklore and myth, combined with modern influences: popular culture, art & design, graffiti and comic books to name a few. He often attributes his process to a marriage of a miss-spent youth in front of the TV and observations on modern society, using stories from the past to bring meanings to his images.

His unique, often graphic style has captured the attention and imagination of collectors across the globe including Hong Kong, The United States and various European countries. "

"Often conceived in varying combinations of aerosol, acrylic paints, ink, graphite and/or emulsion on various surfaces including canvas, wood, walls and board his images combine abstract portraiture and hints of graphic pattern to produce pieces in his distinctive style, implying a measure of illustrative prose."

When did it click: I'm still waiting for it to happen.

How do you have your tea: Black, with lemon and honey

One piece of advice you have been given: Follow your heart, not money

Inspiration for this project: Childhood friendships and aspirations

For more information and wonderful photos go to Mr Kimmings website

Photos taken by TXLW