Q & A

Name: Ollie, fifty seven, D57, dia 57.

Based In: The leafy suburb of Burley.

About yourself and your practice: I like to make and do - drawing, painting, printing - I enjoy trying to perfect processes. At the moment I produce (by default) sometimes graphic, sometimes illusory, figurative imagery. I'm content to do that. For now.

When did it click: Perhaps it hasn't - perhaps each project is an attempt to do just that.

How do you have your tea: As it comes. Out of a mug - from a teapot - or even a samovar - but never again from a US airport hotel vending machine - I don't care what the label read - that was no tea.

One piece of advice you have been given: Be. Patent.

Inspiration for the project: Bodie Best Joined suggested the piece be a Manchester music legend - what with Eastern Bloc Records being a stones throw from the site - Gerald Simpson was the natural choice - like comfort food after a demanding day - Voodoo Ray still makes it into playlists. Stylistic approach is a subtle nod to Mati Klarwein - I first experienced his painting as sleeve art for Miles Davies and Carlos Santana - formidable creations.

Photos taken by TXLW