Q & A

Name: ..................Mr. Benjamin Harrison

Based In : ............Salford/Manchester

About yourself and your practice: ......I'm a painty weirdo.....I properly love making images. I get lost in processes and play with new methods and media a lot so my work constantly seems to change and morph and then feed back into itself. The act of physically creating an image with stuff in my hands is what I find exciting and frustrating and heart-warming and challenging AND harrowing AND wonderful AAAAND puzzling and hopefully it turns out looking nice at the end of it all.

When did it click: ................. It clicks every time I get stuck in the middle of a piece and then find my way again, it's all part of the process, but I reckon the first time was probably reading 'your cartoon time' by Rolf Harris or watching street artists on holiday with my grandparents as a nipper.

How do you have your tea: ......Tea is for looooosers! Coffee is what us fantastic champions drink.

One piece of advice you have been given: ........."Jaffa cakes are nicer when you mash two of them together like a burger and microwave them for a few seconds." (That's literally the only piece of life-improving information I've been given that I can think of on the spot.)

Inspiration for this project: ....the changing of the seasons, some David Weidman prints and a picture of a yeti I made last year. I've been working with screenprinting for the past year so that kind of aesthetic fed into my ideas for this project a bit, which was a challenge to try to pull off.

You likey? Go clicky clicky heeeerreeeee!

Photos taken by TXLW