Q & A

Name: Fon aka The Pern

Based In :
Leeds, West Yorkshire

About yourself and your practice: Fon or 'The Pern' freelance designer /illustrator.

Fon works in a variety of different media, seamlessly translating her style as she switches from one to the other. Her numerous skills range from sewing, grafitti art, digit al art, and live art.

Fon’s work has been published in International publications, such as Clutter Magazine, Make This, and more recently in Publisher Clubs collaborative zine titled ‘Totummy’ and 'Paint it! Make it! Party for Japan!' zine. She has worked with Sony Entertainment, Diesel, Barnados, Don't Panic, Collaboration Nation, Treacle Clothing, Hello You Creatives, Wall Art Rockers, Best Joined Up, Inkygoodness and UK based artists Kid Acne and Inkie. She has also exhibited in various venues across the UK and Europe.

When she is not creating her weird and wonderful works of art, Fon enjoys kicking some ass in practicing Martial Arts, dog walking and a goood cup - o - joe!

When did it click: well early on, pretty much as soon as i picked up a paintbrush. Whatever happened to powder paint poofs?

How do you have your tea:
herbal, fruity and pink or green! not that brown tea. or a proper good coffee from a cafetiere or espresso machine...mmmmmm...yummy brews!

One piece of advice you have been given: 'stay positive!' 'Strive to Survive!' and 'it's about the long game' 'Don't quit Fon...onwards and upwards' lots of them! lovely people! x

For more information and wonderful work go to Fon the Perns website

Photos taken by TXLW