Q & A As Sarah hasn't filled it in yet, we shall do it for her...

Name: Sarah Lynn Mayhew

Based In: Manchester soon to go down Saaaaaaarf!

About yourself and your practice: I'm a mixed media artist with a taste of for peaches and cream and cheese on toooooast. Like a bit of spray, like a lot of paint, traditional portrait style painting with mega messy drippy trippy texturally radical backgrounds is what i do but only with a brew. innit.

When did it click: When i painted Out House. Hell yeh!

How do you have your tea: Milk & 1 sugar.

One piece of advice you have been given: Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible; & then suddenly you are doing the impossible.

To see more wonderful work by Sarah

Example of a basic clickety here yaaw.

Photos by TXLW