Q & A

Name: Cbloxx / Morbid

Based In: Leeds

About yourself and your practice: Currently divided between playful but gross illustrative work and my root's of doomy realism... right now I am trying to fuse both personalities together, maybe I would be better off just seeing a therapist!

When did it click: Its spluttered & clicked on & off for years but never felt just right. This year I can feel an impending explosion. A path or a pattern is emerging from the chaos, things are starting to make sense. I think in part this is down to working closely with my new collective, Black Rose, having the undying support and encouragement from my partner and recently listening to a lot of Allan Watts!

How do you have your tea: Yorkshire with milk and 2 or Earl

One piece of advice you've been given: Nurture your inner child.. not to sound like a new age hippy BUT Its f**kin true!

Inspiration for the project: Mermaids, apocalypse, unlucky omens, folklore, seduction, heart ache, escapism and barnacles

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