Q & A

Name: Neil Ennui

Based In: Leeds

About yourself and your practice: I'm a street artist and illustrator who likes to work across mediums and platforms. I like to experiment and keep it fresh and expressive.

When did it click: It never really has, I've just continued since drawing as a child, it was never a conscious decision to do this. Over the years it's developed and morphed into a different beast and become a career. I've never become complacent or satisfied with what i do it's always been about the next piece and constantly trying to push it and learn new skills sharpen old ones and integrate them into something new.

How do you have your tea: milk one sugar, or if we're going herbal nettle and fennel.

One piece of advice you've been given: my GCSE art teacher left me with a piece of advice that still lingers in my brain, "build bridges not walls". I worry sometimes, as an introvert, that I put up a lot of walls but I hope there's drawbridges in place to connect me to others. When I first started painting streets in 2000 and didn't know how to get into it, back in the days of not being able to buy paint for graffiti openly, I stumbled into an exhibition and met the curator, a dude called Mitch, who handed me 3 cans of paint and some caps and told me the only way to do something is to just go do it. Seems simple but i find you can over complicate things and sometimes you just need to bust a piece out and see how the dust settles.

Inspiration for the project: self reflection, magic, shamanism and whimsy

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