Russ hasn't filled it in yet so, we have done it for him....!

Q & A


Based In: Manchester

About yourself and your practice: I've been using spray paint for fourteen years and spend my time these days working on large and small scale corporate/private commissions, working to briefs and developing my own concepts. Always enjoy painting on a large scale but also dabble in a bit of illustration and canvas work. I'm happy to say I still find a lot of time to paint with other graffiti artists on permission walls and enjoy that the most!

When did it click: When I turned it on?

How do you have your tea: I don't drink tea, or coffee, i like hot chocolate..with marshamallows and cream, like a small boy.

One piece of advice you have been given: Eat cheese, have amazing dreams.

To go see previous work from Russ go HERE!.

Photos: TXLW