Q & A

Name: dan birkbeck

Based In: manchester

About yourself and your practice:   Really got into art at the age of about 9 or 10, copying the ABC Warriors from 200AD comic, that and seeing Akira for the first time.  Since then ive spent most of my time drawing.  First started using spray paint about 3 years ago, im still getting to grips with that, transferring my drawings into a different medium - i want to get to the point that i can easily paint the stuff in my sketchbooks and retain the original style.

When did it click: dunno, has it clicked?

How do you have your tea: milk, no sugar please :)

One piece of advice you have been given:' just when youve learned how to skin a cat you find a bloody rabbit in your pocket' dunno of thats advice or not but i like it

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